Buffet can be great choice for those who wish to have a variety of food at affordable rates. At fixed rate, you get a wide range of starters, salads, main course and desserts. The desserts and snacks, in fact, are the best part of Buffet. Who , after all would mind unlimited supply of chicken Tikka and brownies?

Pepperz is the Best Buffet Restaurant Lucknow because we are serving Veg Buffet at only Rs.@349/

Let’s Check out the price of Our Buffet Price.
Pepperz Veg Buffet- Lunch – Rs.349/ 399.
Pepperz Non-Veg Buffet – Lunch – Rs.449/499.
Pepperz Veg Buffet – Dinner – Rs.449/499.
Pepperz Non-Veg Buffet – Dinner – Rs.599/699.

On a serious note, Buffet makes tremendous sense when there’s a large group and you are not aware of everybody’s taste and palate. In that case, every person is responsible is for filling their plates. That’s the thing about buffet, you fill your plate with the items you like.

Pepperz is known to serve one of the best Buffets in town- both veg and non-veg. We have best of Mughlai, chinese and continental dishes to add variety to your plate. Not to forget those yummy desserts like Brownie and traditional zarda.

We also have our signature biryani which is extremely popular amongst our guests. We keep changing our menu time to time because you know variety is the spice of life !

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